Bucket List #28: Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain


When people think Rome, they think history, art, romance, possibly carbs. One thing that incorporates them all: The Trevi Fountain (while eating pizza).

The iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome is the biggest and arguably the most beautiful Baroque fountain in Rome. It took 20 years to build and was completed in 1762 to mark the end of the aqueduct that provided water to the Ancient Romans.


The fountain has a clear symbolic link to the Ancient Roman God of the Sea: Neptune, as he is the focal point of the Fountain headed by two horses: one – calm and obedient – the other – restive – symbolic of the unpredictable sea.

Can you believe that was all hand sculpted?

Sadly, over the years, as the Trevi Fountain has become more iconic the focus has been less so about the history and  symbolism, and more so on the romantic life that tourists’ desire. There is a legend that if you toss coins into the fountain you will return to Rome, find a lover and get married, and this seemingly appears to be the main reason people come to this fountain; yet another task to cross of the bucket list, so to speak.

On a daily basis €3-4000 worth of coins are tossed into the fountain.


There’s obviously nothing wrong with an increase in tourism (and who doesn’t want to find the easiest route to love?) but with it does come its challenges: an increase in beggars and coin stealing. A man nicknamed d’Artagnan has been banned from the fountain after fishing for coins for 34 years


Fun Fact: The money is collected at the duration of each day by a Roman Catholic charity group and distributed amongst the needy.

Who needs another reason to go to the fountain? I know I don’t.


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