The story behind the roof of the Sistine Chapel


The renowned Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City is the place where a lot of important ceremonies occur, including the selection of the next Pope. But that’s not the only cool thing about it, its actually covered floor to ceiling in artworks, from mosaic-ridden floors to Fresco painted walls and ceiling. 


The most famous part of the chapel is surprisingly its ceiling, painted by Michelangelo (1508-12). 


The fresco paintings depict nine scenes from the Book of Genesis, including scenes of God creating light and dark, Adam and Eve and scenes of Noah also (check out the video below for more details).

The most famous of the nine, being the Creation of Adam.


Possibly most famous due to it’s being reproduced many times over:



 Michelangelo was originally commissioned by Pope Julius II, and very reluctant to agree to the job, as he was a sculpture and wanted to continue with that. He built his own scaffolding and spent four years painting the ceiling of the chapel, arms going numb above his head, paint dripping on his face, back twisting in unnatural angles (and you thought your job was bad?).


Michelangelo was so unhappy he even wrote a poem about his despair and horrible working conditions. Above is a self portrait of him painting the ceiling, drawn next to the original poem.


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